Get your apartment ready for the winter months.

Ten years ago, when I was first starting out married life, my husband and I rented our very first apartment.  We were living at the time in a small town in the Sierra Nevada’s and if you are familiar with the region, you will know that in the winter, it gets very, very, cold.  I actually walked out of my apartment one morning to find 2 foot icicles on the porch, it would have been a “ah” moment if it hadn’t been below freezing. BRR!  Living in our 2 bedroom apartment there were certain things that we could do to winterize our apartment.

Here are some tips to keep you warm:

  1. Hang heavier drapes, it keeps the cold out and the warmth in.
  2. Lower the temperature to a cool 65 degrees on your thermostat.
  3. Reverse your ceiling fans; this will push the warm air downwards, leaving you with a warm, cozy feeling.
  4. Remember, blankets always work really well to.

What other ideas do you have to keep the cold out at winter?  Share you ideas here on the blog.

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