Bond With Fido Over These Fun Activities

Bond With Fido Over These Fun Activities

Our pet-friendly Plymouth apartments come with amenities catering to both pets and pet owners, but it is important to remember that remaining cooped up inside is good for neither one. Here are some fun activities for bonding with your dog: If you are interested in backpacking, be sure to bring your dog with you. Bear in mind that you'll need to … [Read more...]

Decorate With Succulents for Hassle Free Greenery

Decorate With Succulents for Hassle Free Greenery

Do not let a black thumb or hectic schedule keep you from decorating your apartment with plants. What you need to do is invest in plants that are beautiful but low maintenance, and succulents are a fine example. Succulents are easy to take care of because they are so tough, but they also come in a range of colors and sizes. Here are a few ideas for … [Read more...]

Shop Local at the Farmer’s Market Each Wednesday

Shop Local at the Farmer's Market Each Wednesday

The summer is the perfect season to spend your time outdoors. The weather is warm, people are out and about, and a general feeling of community washes over the world. Here at Jefferson at Plymouth, we love telling our residents all about the many exciting local events for them to scope out during the summer. A great way to spend time outside this is season … [Read more...]

Don’t Neglect the Warm Up and Cool Down in Your Workout

Don't Neglect the Warm Up and Cool Down in Your Workout

Exercise is essential for maintaining a state of optimal health. However, exercise can also result in serious harm withput¬†the right precautions, something that our residents should remember while using our Plymouth apartments' fitness center. Both warm ups and cool downs can be considered excellent examples of such precautions. For the most part, … [Read more...]

Grab a Slice at Latuff’s Pizzeria

Grab a Slice at Latuff's Pizzeria

Great food is just around the corner when you reside at our beautiful Jefferson at Plymouth apartment community. This is due thanks to the wide range of great restaurants in Plymouth that are only minutes away from the apartments. If you are in the mood for some truly delicious and freshly made pizza, then look no further than Latuff's Pizzeria, which boasts … [Read more...]